Worth seeing in Sweden

Sweden has so much to offer tourists that it is difficult to know where to start. Of course the main cities have a lot to offer both to do and to view. Thousands of people visit Gothenburg and Liseberg, the tivoli, each year. Same goes for Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, many people visit Stockholm to go and see all animals at Skansen zoo. Something that one might forget is the fantastic things worth seeing out in the country that is not situated in a large city, the spectacular Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, outside Kiruna, is one example. Each spring this fantastic creation melts away, and each winter it is rebuilt again. But for Kiruna this is not only good for work but also for tourism. Each year thousands of people from Sweden and abroad visit the icehotel and sleep in a room made of ice, and have drinks in the bar made of ice, and the drinks are of course served in a glass made of ice. It is a clever idea using the one thing Kiruna has a lot of for free – snow and cold weather, to build this great tourist attraction.

Other things worth seeing in the Northern part of Sweden is the very kind but big ”Big-Lake-Monster” in Storsjon (=Biglake) in Jamtland. It could be worth visiting Ostersund, because, one never know, you might be the lucky one getting a glimpse of the beautiful animal. Many people swear that they have seen the “monster” and all agree that it was a special and great experience. If one visit Ornskoldsvik, then one should really take time to visit Ulvon. This island blooms in the summer and it is a nice trip on the boat to get there and back. On the trip from the mainland to Ulvon, one passes amongst other islands, Mjalton and Trysunda. On Ulvon one can walk around on small footpaths and see both Norrbyn och Sorbyn (the north village and the south village). Unfortunately not many people live permanent on the island anymore, but the villages are picturesque and they remind us of “bullerbyn” from one of the storys by Astrid Lindgren. At the harbour there are two restaurants to choose from and also a few small shops. A place worth seeing in the summer!

Leaving the North of Sweden and heading south, one can visit big cities like Stockholm, Uppsala and Gothenburg. It is not easy to pick out the best places worth seeing because there are so many. Uppsala is a personal favourite of mine. The city is just wonderful with its many beautiful buildings, the fantastic cathedral and the castle of Uppsala. I can recommend visiting Uppsala in the spring. Then you can see the students trying to survive the waterevent “Forsranningen”. Here they are trying to get down stream transported on a boat of some kind, whoever reaches the goal first wins. This is a big party for the whole city. Of course the capital, Stockholm, has plenty of places worth seeing. The old town and the castle of Stockholm are the main attractions. The whole city is very beautifully cituated by the sea, with loads of beautiful buildings, although the old town might be the climax, walking around in the narrow streets made of cobblestones, surrounded by the old buildings from the Middle ages. For the little ones, Skansen and Junibacken are the favourites. The museum of Vasa and other museums are the climax for the person interested in history. The main attraction in Gothenburg is the fairground Liseberg. Here one can spend a whole day going on different rides whilst hoping that the stomach will stay in the same place!

In the Southern part of Sweden Malmo is the largest tourist city. The city is teeming with activity and has a continental feel. If you want, you can go out on the channels in a paddleboat and experience Malmo from another perspective. A main attraction is the large apartment house spinning up towards heaven, called the “Turning Torso”. Other fantastic cities in the Southern part of Sweden are Boras, with its massive shopping area and zoo and Jonkoping with the fantastic island, Visingso. Helsingborg is the best city to visit for a swim in the sea. The coastline of Helsingborg is filled with wonderful beaches. Here is also the beautiful castle, Sofiero.

There are so many different things worth seeing and places worth visiting in Sweden, one only has to take the time exploring the country. Everyone visiting Sweden will find a favourite place since each city has something to offer the tourist. One might have to consider spending the vacation this year in one or more of the fantastic cities of Sweden!

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