Visby is definitely the largest pearl amongst all the fantastic summer cities of Sweden. Each summer, tourists invade Visby, but during the winter it is quite calm. When strolling around the city centre of Visby it is no doubt that one will feel the wing beat of history. And as the finishing touch that makes Visby perfect UNESCO has appointed Visby as a world heritage. It is not at all strange that this city has become something we consider worth preserving. And when visiting the city one can very well see the reason for this. It is not only the famous ring wall it is the whole city and its many beautiful buildings and things worth seeing. Visby was once upon a time an important city for trade with a lot of traffic from other countries. This is reflected in many of the buildings. It almost feels a bit odd and like one is not in Sweden when walking around the different parts of the city within the wall.

The ring wall is very well kept and it is just over three kilometres long. One can imagine the workload that was put into building this long wall and what forces that was needed in order to get all large rocks into place. This wall was a very good protection against attackers during the time when one had to defend this beautiful city.

In Visby there are many things worth seeing apart from the picturesque city centre and the ring wall. Here are also the famous ruins and the beautiful cathedral Sancta Maria. Here one can also try how it was to live like the Vikings did if one visit the Viking village. It is a delightful experience for the whole family to sit around a campfire, chewing in a grilled sheep or wild boar.

If one has the opportunity on can choose to visit Visby during the “Middle Ages week”. This is a fantastic event where one will find oneself in the middle of a Middle Aged Gotland. Here one can see great Middle Ages games and the whole of Visby are filled with market stands. Among others one can participate in a Middle Ages walk in Visby and visit the glasswork of Visby.

Visby also offers a vivid nightlife and a lot of shopping facilities. In the large shopping area, called Visby-stroll, one can find much different merchandise to buy and as a contrast of all life and movement one can visit the calm botany garden. In this garden one can see Visby’s own rose. Here are also walnut trees and other special trees. Set aside a morning or afternoon for a walk around this amazing botany garden.

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