Vasteras is a city that has for many years been known as the ”city of cucumber”- It might seem like a funny nick to give a city, but the reason is that in the areas around Vasteras one has been growing cucumber for a very long time. The cucumber of Vasteras has been grown since 1700. Although it is not the cucumber one wants to see when visiting Vasteras. Here are many other more interesting things to experience and see. In Vasteras lies the fifth highest building in Sweden. The skyscraper “Skrapan” is situated in the centre of Vasteras and is eighty meters high. In this building is the highest cocktail bar to be found in Sweden. In the bar one can sit, sipping on a drink and admiring the great view of Vasteras and the surrounding areas.

Vasteras is a very old city and many old buildings have been preserved. In the area around the cathedral there are many old houses kept from when they built houses in a way we in Sweden call “knot timber”. The cathedral is very beautiful and one thing that most people wants to have a look into the cathedral where king Erik XIV is buried. The first coffin the king Erik was put into was a simple coffin made of wood. The coffin was made too small for the kind, so they had to cut the kings legs off in order for him to fit. Between the cathedral and the upper secondary school in Vasteras is a beautiful botany garden. Here are many different plants and trees and everywhere one can find beautiful small sculptures. One of the sculpture is created by Anders Zorn. In the beginning of July each year Vasteras is filled with member of a gang who ride about in big American cars and other car interested persons. This is when the “Power Big Meet” is arranged. This even is a large exhibition of cars. Tens of thousands cars are on display and it is very pleasant to walk around, looking at the cars and talking to other car interested people. Each night during the event all these cars drive around Vasteras and the parade of cars seems endless.

The harbour in Vasteras is very large and is considered to be the largest harbour by a lake within Scandinavia. Vasteras is very well situated to reload raw materials from the mines in Bergslagen. This has made the harbour in Vasteras very important for many years. Today many tourists arrive to the city and the harbour by boat. The guest harbour is very large and from this point one can also find sightseeing boats, that can take you out on the big lake Malaren. Around the harbour there are many restaurants and cafés which makes many people visit the area.

For the ones that like to swim there are plenty of beaches in Vasteras. Here is also a fantastic indoor pool house called “the bath of Kristinansborg” (Kristiansborgsbadet). In this place one can, besides swimming, visit a great spa. Nice to mention is that there is also a real Roman bath here. In this type of bath the heat goes up and down, so the skin gets warmed up and then cooled and then warmed up again. Between the differences in heat the skin gets a special spa treatment. This is a great experience for the body.

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