Uppsala is the number one University City of all.

This city is one of the most beautiful in Sweden. Here old and new are mixed and the parks in Uppsala are famous for their beauty.

Uppsala is situated by the small river Fyrisan and it is the fourth largest city in Sweden. Although when visiting the city one does not get the feeling that the city is so big. Here is a genial atmosphere and there are so many beautiful things to see. The spring is the best time of the year for Uppsala, when all students move around the city with their events. Since Uppsala has a large university and a lot of students live here a lot of things happen. One very popular event in the spring is the “Forsränningen”. If one has the opportunity to visit Uppsala at this season one should really see this event. It is a big attraction where participants on a number of floating “things” are trying to get from the start to the finish on the rapids of the small river Fyrisan. It is a great event to watch all kinds of boats travelling downstream in the centre of Uppsala. This is a real festival for the people and there are several salesmen along the river. This is a large arrangement and it takes several months to plan. The one that reaches the goal first, without sinking, will of course win a price and a lot of honour.

During the spring the students sing on the stairs to the cathedral of Uppsala. This is a great tradition and then everyone knows that the summer is on its way. The cathedral in Uppsala is a great gothic church and incredible beautiful. As a tourist one should definitely visit the cathedral since this is a wonderful experience. The largest bell of the cathedral is called “Storan” and it is the largest bell in Sweden. When “Storan” is ringing one can hear it for miles. In the cathedral many famous men are buried. Here one can find the grave of the king Gustav Vasa and the one of Carl von Linné. At the cathedral there is a small chapel called “Sture chapel”. Here is a memory board and here are many of the Sture family buried.

High up on a hill named the hill Kasa is the castle of Uppsala. This is a very powerful castle and a great attraction in Uppsala. The castle was built during 1500 and here lives today the governor of Sweden.

Many of us a little older Swedes have heard Owe Thornquist sing about his rumba in the English park. This park is very beautiful and whilst strolling around here one get a feeling of calmness and not at all rumba. All through the year the students arrange many activities in the park. The park looks a bit overgrown and bewitching as it was intended to do.

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