Umea is a metropolis in the northern part of Sweden and the city has grown a lot during the last decade. One of the reasons for this is that many people choose to study here. The university of Umea is the largest university of its kind in the northern part of Sweden. Here many choose to study to become a doctor or a psychologist. The University of Umea has high status and one of the best educations. Since so many young students live in Umea, the city is full of life. Here is a lot for a tourist to, especially if one wants to have fun on a dance floor at night.

The Birch-trees

Umea is often called ”the city of birches”. This one will understand if one visits the city. Here are a numerous of birches growing. These have been planted along streets and avenues throughout the city. The reason for this is that some hundred years ago, a very big fire hit the city. After this fire the people of Umea was thinking about how to prevent a new fire to occur. One idea was to plant birches between the houses. A birch tree absorbs a lot of water during a summer and hence these birches would act as fire walls.


One of the most exiting for a European tourist visiting Sweden is to see a real elk in the forest. Especially tourists from Germany are fascinated of the large and grand king of the forest. Forward thinking contractors in Umea has done something about this – they have built the “Elk farm”. This farm is situated in Bjurholm, just outside Umea. On the Elk farm one can learn all there is to know about an elk, and the owners have tried to use everything that the elks leave behind. On the Elk farm one can actually see and buy nice sheets of paper made of excrement. For the great joy of the children, and most of the adults, the elks on this farm are tame. One can even get the opportunity to pat an elk or two. It feels very powerful to pat an elk. They are very large and grand to see in real life.


In Umea one can step on a tourist boat and head of onto a seal safari. This is very unique in Sweden and this is one of many clever and forward thinking ideas by the people creating exiting experiences for tourists. Even the Swedish tourist find these seal safaris exiting. It is not only in Africa where one can go on exiting safaris, Sweden has many opportunities to see wild and exotic animals.

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