To do in Sweden

In Sweden there are many options for an active vacation. In the Northern part of Sweden there are many different footpaths and motorscooter-tracks where you can experience the wonderful nature Sweden offers.

There are many interesting things to do in Sweden if one only have the chance to find it out. In the Northern part of Sweden there are many exotic things to do even for a Swedish tourist. Here most people like to go on a motorscooter, which for the people living here is nothing special. He or she might use the motorscooter daily going up and down the mountain or to carry a brought down elk or a brought down tree from the forest back to the house. Although for a tourist it is very exciting to set of into the wilderness or up the mountain on a motorscooter. There are motorscooter safaries arranged for longer journeys where one will spend a night out on the mountain. One example on such a long journey is when you start in Kiruna and go all the way up to the point where Sweden, Norway and Finland meet, in Swedish called Treriksroset.

There are other more quite and more environmental friendly ways of travelling, if a motorscooter trip does not sound interesting. One can go on a sledge pulled by a team of dogs or why not reindeers. From the coastline in the northern part of Sweden one can take boat trips out to the sea and watch seals or seabirds. These seal safaris are arranged from for example Umea and also in Lysekil in the Southern part of Sweden. This can be a very exciting outing and it is nice to see the seals lying and resting on the rocks.

Sweden is also offering many opportunities for exciting walks on paths in beautiful surroundings. Kolmarden is not only offering a chance to see all animals in the zoo, here one can also follow long and beautiful footpaths. For the little ones and the ones tired of walking on footpaths there is the “trollforest”, where Bamse and all his friends live. Outside Ornskoldsvik is a picturesque island, Ulvon. This island used to be inhabited by fishermen.

Since Sweden has so much water it has water activities in abundance. Here one can go in boats downstream rapid rivers, dive in the sea, take a trip around a lake on water-skis or just go swimming. If one visit a town that is not situated near the sea, then most likely there will be a lake or a river nearby where one can go swimming a warm summers day. A special way of bathing is taking part of the big water-event which is arranged in Uppsala each year. It is called “Forsranningen”. Here one shall somehow get transported down the whole river, and it does not matter how the boat or floating-thing looks like as long as you manage to from start to finish. The students in Uppsala arrange this event, and most of them participating never reach the goal, although they do get a nice laugh. In Sweden there are also several adventure bath resorts. Basically every large city has some sort of adventure bath with different kinds of waterslides. Also in these adventure baths it is common to have a pool outside, it is a special feeling swimming around in a pool when it is winter all around and it might even snow.

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