Sundsvall is the big metropolis amongst all cities in the northern part of Sweden and the first city to visit on the way north by the coastline. Many say that Sundsvall is the gate to the northern part of Sweden. Here the drama in the natures start and here is where the “High coast” starts. This coast has many beautiful views with mountains meeting the sea.

Sundsvall is a city with a lot of exciting history. It is not always so interesting reading about the history of cities but Sundsvall has two very interesting and at the same time tragical historical events.

Sundsvall is known for the large strike at the end of 1800. Here Swedish workers were striking for the first time in this century, and this was also the largest strike in Sweden for the century. Close to 5 000 workers participated in the strike against the sawmill industry. There is a statue at the entrance to the oil harbour, as a memory of this strike. A few years after this strike the largest fire ever in a Swedish city started in Sundsvall. A small spark from the chimney of a steamboat started the fire where almost all of Sundsvall burned down. The steam boat is since called the “arson”.

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Just 10 kilometres north of Sundsvall is the enormous shopping complex, Birsta City. This shopping place is the largest in the northern part of Sweden and people from all over the northern part of Sweden visit Birsta City each year. The main attraction is IKEA but here is also a hundred other stores. IKEA started this shopping complex in Birsta a few decades ago. The company opened a store in the Ikano-building and for a long time this was the only IKEA in the northern part of Sweden. This lead to busloads of shopping interested people travelled to Sundsvall and Birsta City to shop furniture to their homes

Today there are IKEA stores in other cities in the northern part of Sweden, although this has not stopped busloads to visit the area. Birsta City has continued to develop. More and more chain of shops has opened in Birsta City. Here one can buy everything there is to buy – clothes, furniture, parts for cars, toys, home electronics, shoes... Here one can buy everything between heaven and earth. To make it easy to park at Birsta City, they have put a lot of effort in making many parking spaces and parking is for free. Many travel here with caravans and stay for a couple of days in order to have time to visit all the stores of Birsta City.

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