No other city in Sweden gets so many tourists as Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, each year. Stockholm is also known as the “Venice of the Nordic countries”. The capital of Sweden is very beautiful and here is something for every tourist, of course. Here is the city pulse and numerous of restaurants to choose from. There are restaurants with food from all over the world. The largest shopping street in Stockholm is without no doubt Drottninggatan. Here one can walk back and forth a hole day without managing to enter all stores. There are also many large malls in Stockholm where one can find loads of different stores to go shopping in and also restaurants where one can get something nice to eat.



If one continue down Drottninggatan to the beginning of the street one will reach the beautiful bridge “Skeppsbron” leading over the water to the old town and the castle of Stockholm. On the way there one will pass the square “Sergels torg”. This square is amazingly beautiful at night. After crossing the bridge “Skeppsbron” one will first meet the large and grand House of Parliament. Here one can, if one wishes, listen to the politicians of Sweden debate about different important questions. Maybe one can also see one or other politicians exiting the House of Parliaments and walking up the street “Drottninggatan”. Behind the House of Parliament is the grand castle of Stockholm.


The Stockholm Castle

Here is also the start of the old town. This old part of Stockholm is filled with narrow streets and small alleys. The buildings here are very old and extremely beautiful. The old town is always filled with tourists, but somehow this old part of Stockholm always feel more calm and has a friendlier atmosphere then the rest of the capital.

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