In Ostersund there is a lot to see and do. It is nice to spend a few days here. Both children and grownups appreciate a vacation in Ostersund. On Froson, an island in Storsjon, there is a lot to do. In the summer there are several bathing places to go to, and one does not need to be afraid, it has never been know that the Big Lake monster has eaten anyone. On Froson, there is also Froso zoo. The zoo is very large, with an area of 40 hectares, filled with lots of animals as well as an amusement park. This is a very popular day trip for children. On the island there are also many beautiful footpaths for the ones that like to be active on the vacation.

The big lake - "Storsjon"

Ostersund is situated near the Big Lake, and here many have gathered inspiration. The Big Lake monster is well known. Many tourists have visited Ostersund during the big musical festival known as “Storsjoyran”. It is said that there is more than one Big Lake monster in the Big Lake. Many say that they have spotted the Big Lake monster. True or false, who knows, nevertheless it is very exiting to watch the lake during a foggy night. Who knows what one might see, the lake is very deep so there is definitely easy for a monster to hide. Storsjoyran is a fantastic festival that is held in the middle of Ostersund. Many famous artists perform during this great musical week and the atmosphere is on top. This makes people come back year after year for this special event.

The free republic Jamtland has also become a known term amongst the Swedes. The republic has its own language, flag and also its own President. It is not without a little bit of humour, that this republic has been created, but the background is that Jamtland has not always belonged to Sweden. Once upon a time Jamtland belonged to Norway, during this time the province had great opportunities to make their own decisions. This is something one thought about when the republic was created and Yngve Gamling became the first president many years ago.

The open-air museum

The open-air museum in Ostersund is named Jamtli and it is very unique. Here old environments has been preserved and in the summer people come to live here to farm the land and take care of the animals the way it was done in the old days. Walking around in Jamti, the open-air museum, it feels like one has stepped in to a world a couple of centuries ago. The fact that people live here during the summer makes the experience so much stronger.

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