Ornskoldsvik has not been a town where tourists have chosen to visit. In the northern part of Sweden tourists have instead chosen to visit the more popular cities like Kiruna, Sundsvall or Umea. Although during resent years this has changed. Ornskoldsvik has spent a lot of effort into tourism, one example is that now it is much easier to take the ferry to Ulvon.

The fantastic Ulvon

Ulvon is a fantastic fishing island in Ornskoldsvik. The island is situated quite a bit out in the archipelago of Ornskoldsvik. It takes one or two hours to reach the island, depending on the trip of the boat. Sometimes the boat stops at Trysunda, which means that the trip will be a bit longer. On the way to Ulvon the boat pass Mjalton. This island is known as the highest island in Sweden. None lives on the island, and it has never been inhabited.

During the summer of 2009 Ornskoldsvik organised more boat trips to Ulvon. This was very positive for the tourist who then easily could go to the island for a days trip. There are also many opportunities to spend the night at Ulvon. Here is a hotel, youth hostel and also a village of cabins. But as mentioned, there is also the possibility of only visiting the island for a day.

There is a lot to discover on Ulvon. Normally the tourist will stay in the village by the harbour where there are many small shops and restaurants. Here one can stroll around the, for the northern part of Sweden typical, small fishing cabins. This little village is very picturesque with a very old church in the centre. One should stop and walk into the church to se all its beautiful paintings on the walls. There are also many other things to discover on the island. In the middle of Ulvon is the small villages “Sorbyn” and “Norrbyn” (the south village and the north village). A few people live here all year around, but summer guests own most houses.

The Paradise Hill (Paradisbacken)

Almost in the middle of the central Ornskoldsvik is a mountain named ”Varvsberget”. This mountain is 150 meters high and from the top one get an amazing view over the city. Varvsberget is a landmark for Ornskoldsvik (or Ovik as the inhabitants call the city), since here is a grand ski jump. This is called The Paradise hill.

The inhabitants of Ornskoldsvik have always been very interested in sports and ski jumping is one of the main interests. This jumping hill has existed a long time and during later years the end of the slope has been built on a column over a part of the city. It looks very scary to set of out on the slope and almost land on top of roofs of buildings.


Another massive interest for the people in Ornskoldsvik is ice hockey. The team of the city is called Modo. This is from the time when the large pulpmill Mo and Domsjo sponsored the team. Of course, like all other teams, the success is mixed with setbacks during the years, but the people are always good at supporting the team. A new ice hockey arena has recently been built. Today it is called Swedbank arena since the Swedbank is sponsoring the arena. It is very beautifully situated by the harbour of Ornskoldsvik. The people of Onrskoldsvik have a great arena to go to and support Modo in their home games. Here many of the ice hockey interested youngsters have the opportunity to develop since there is a ice hockey upper secondary school. Big names in the ice hockey world started here, a few examples are Peter Forsberg, Markus Naslund, Mathias Timander and the Sedin brothers.

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