Orebro is very well situated in the central part of Sweden. Here it is close to everything. It is only a few hours drive to Stockholm, and it is also close to Karlstad, Gothenburg and Oslo.

Orebro has become a kind of metropolis in the central part of Sweden and here are many attractions worth seeing. Just a few kilometres from the centre of Orebro is a very nice golf course, for the golf interested. The golf course is run by Gustavsviks golf club. After a completed game of golf it is nice to take a walk back into the centre of the town. If one visit Orebro in the summer there are many nice bathing places to cool off in. Orebro is beautifully situated by Hjalmaren and here are many popular beaches. It is also possible to book a journey on one of the tourist boats travelling on the canals and through floodgates. Often there is a chance to have a nice meal on the boat. These cruises are very popular.

The famous Water Tower "Svampen" - the mushroom

Orebro is very well known for its remarkable watertower. There are not many watertowers, which provide water for the city, that become an attraction, however this is the case in Orebro. The watertower is called The Mushroom (Svampen in swedish) and it is a creation by inventive architects. This watertower really looks like a mushroom and it is used for more than just being a water reservoir. Right at the top of The Mushroom is a nice restaurant. Here one can get a good meal and at the same time look out on the wonderful view of Orebro and its surrounding areas.

The Orebro Castle

As soon as one enters Orebro one will see the castle of Orebro. The castle is very beautiful and it is not a surprise that Orebro is famous for its castle. The castle is situated in the centre of Orebro and has been standing there since the Middle Ages. The first building was not so big but the castle has been built on as the years have passed. The king who gave the castle its present appearance was Karl IX Gustav. He had seen many beautiful renaissance castles out in Europe and he wanted to rebuild the castle of Orebro according to the same principles. In the castle there are many guided tours for tourists and it is very exiting and interesting to hear all stories about the castle. It is said that the castle is haunted and sometimes there are even ghost walks for tourists to attend.

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