Northern part of Sweden

Sweden is a totally fantastic country to spend your vacation in and the most beautiful part that Sweden can offer must be the Northern part of Sweden, in Swedish called, Norrland. Here is a mixture of the real wilderness with elk, wolf and bear and cities where you find restaurants, museums and night-clubs. Cities like for example Lulea and Kiruna have grown during the later years and they have put a lot of effort into tourism. In the Northern part of Sweden you can experience living in a lappcot eating reindeer meat. I the same time you can also experience a vivid nightlife with all kinds of influences in music.

The mountains

The most fantastic thing about the Northern parts of Sweden is the nature. Here are high mountains, rushing rivers, small cold mountains brooks, lakes, sea, forests and wilderness. What more can one ask for and where else can one find so much so see? The areas around Ostersund and Kiruna are breathtaking and in these areas the municipalities have put a lot of effort into tourism.

In Ostersund a lot of time and effort has been put into the tourism on the beautiful nature around the lake, Storsjon = BigLake. A really lucky person might even get a glimpse of the Big-Lake-monster!

In Kiruna the biggest tourism attraction is without no doubt the Icehotel. Here one can spend a night in a room totally made of ice. The bed is made of ice, the walls, ceiling and floor are made of ice and the whole hotel is made of ice. It might sound cold and not so pleasant, but you will get reindeer skins and sleeping bags to warm you up, and if you have ever dug a snow cave you know that it is not so cold once you get inside the cave. Good to remember is to take a warm cap and extra thick socks, since the temperature in the room will be around 0 degrees Celsius. If you are still not persuaded, how about taking a glass of vodka, to warm you up before going to bed, in the “Absolut Ice-bar” served in a glass made if ice, of course.

The coastline

Along the coast of the northern part of Sweden there are many beautiful cities and towns. Here one can find a selection of activities to do with the sea and water. The cities can also offer a lot of shopping facilities, museums, night-clubs, sport etc. Here one can really alternate the city life with spectacular nature experiences. A selection of cities to visit along the coastline is Lulea, Umea, Skelleftea, Ornskoldsvik, Harnosand and Sundsvall. All these cities have a lot to offer a tourist. One example of an exotic outing is going on a seal safari.

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