Norrkopng is sometimes called little Peking. This has nothing to do with any similarity between the cities, this is because Peking means the northern city. Some people heard S Hedin talk about this, when he told stories about his discovery journeys. They decided to give Norrkoping this nickname, since in the name of the city is the world “north”.

Norrkoping is not only yellow trams and the zoo Kolmarden. The city has become something of a metropolis and lots of tourists visit the city each year. Of course one major reason for this is the great attraction, Kolmarden, but this has also made the city develop a lot. From having been an industrial city, Norrkoping has become the Mecca for tourists. Here are lots of shopping centres, restaurants, golf courses and other things worth visiting. The yellow trams are famous all over Sweden and they are one tourist attraction on their own. These trams have travelled around the different parts of Norrkoping since the beginning of 1900. And there is no chance they will disappear. On the contrary, there is an extension of the tram tracks planned.

The "Kolmården" Zoo

The main tourist attraction of Norrkoping is the zoo Kolmarden. The zoo is visited by not only families from all over Sweden, tourists from the nordic countries come to see this fantastic animal park. It is not only a zoo, here is also a large amusement park where some of the rides will give you a really scary experience. The cool Dolphin express is a roller coaster that will make your stomach move towards the throat.

One of the most popular attraction of Kolmarden is the dolphins. Kolmarden is the only zoo in Scandinavia that offers a dolphin show of highest class. Here one will see the dolphins do all kinds of tricks like jumping high up of the pool.

For the children there is another reason why they want to visit Kolmarden. Since this is the home of Bamse and all his friends. Here the children can stroll around in the forest of trolls and meet Lille Skutt, Bamse and Skalman and see how they live. One can only imagine what a great experience it is for the children to see these friends that they have heard so many stories about.

In the park there is also a safari to go on. Either in your own car, then of course on your own risk, or in a jeep that travel across the park. Here one gets a chance to see all kinds of exotic animals. Here are tall giraffes eating from trees or lions and tigers hiding behind bushes. It is very exiting.

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