Central part of Sweden

In the Central part of Sweden there are some very interesting holiday destinations. These cities are great destinations for the one who would like to spend a weekend or a week in a Swedish town or city in the centre of Sweden. Some very interesting cities in the Central part of Sweden are Karlstad, Vasteras, Gavle, Orebro, Norrkoping och Lysekil. Here is also, of course, Gothenburg (Goteborg) and Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Under “Main cities” you will find more detailed information about the cities.

Furuviks-park (in Swedish Furuviksparken) is situated just outside Gavle. Many families, kids and youths visit Furuviks-park to see performances of different artists, visit a zoo and an amusement park. There is something for everyone at Furuviks-park and this is a big attraction for tourists visiting Gavle. Gavle is probably most famous for its massive he-goat made of straw built each year as a Christmas decoration. This poor he-goat lives a dangerous life, and not many he-goats have managed to live through Christmas and New Year. One has to admire the people who each year build this he-goat only to later watch it disappear in flames. There are several ways people have destroyed the he-goat during the years. The most common is to set it on fire, but it has also happened that cars have tried to tip it over by crashing into it or shooting at it by fireworks.

Karlstad is a wonderful place to be in the summer. The city is divided in several parts by the river “Klara” (Klaraalven). Many beautiful small bridges are decorated by numbers of flower arrangements. Here one can get to different parts of the city with the boat-busses. It is a popular and great choice to go with the boats instead of the normal busses to move around the city. Karlstad is known as the city where the sun always shines, or “the sun in Karlstad”. This is not only because of the many hours of sunshine the city sees each year. One other reason for this origins from the little, happy girl who worked as a waitress in the restaurant of the city during 1800 – century. She was called “the sun in Karlstad” and it might be because of her the city got its nickname.

In Norrkoping you can find the zoo of Kolmarden. This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Sweden, and especially in the Central part of Sweden. People fill up the zoo every year to see lions, tigers and numbers of different kinds of animals. At Kolmarden they also arrange fantastic shows with dolphins, where you can see these amazing creatures perform and play in the water. For the smallest kids Kolmorden offer something special, here the kids can meet Bamse and his friends Skalman and Lille Skutt, famous from the Swedish books, magazine and films – Bamse.

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