Malmo feels like the most “international” city in Sweden. The closeness to the continent and to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a major reason for this. If one spends a vacation in Malmo it is quick and easy to take a days trip to Copenhagen. Many people travel between Malmo and Denmark to have the possibility of shopping much merchandise much cheaper. Also many live in Malmo and work in Denmark and vice versa. This has influenced the traffic over the bridge.

For the architectonics interested, there are many interesting and beautiful buildings to see. The most visited and the most special apartment building in Malmo is “the Turning Torso”. This building is famous all over Sweden due to its very special architectural shape. The whole of the two-hounded meter high building is spinning up into the sky. The architect behind this marvellous building is Santiago Calatrava. The apartments in the Turning Torso are very popular and for that reason the rents are very expensive. For the people more interested in historical buildings, there is the beautiful St Petri church and Malmohus Castle.

Koggs och chocolate

A very popular tourist attraction in Malmo is the very large ”Koggs” that are lying in the harbour. Here one can experience the harbour is it was in the old days. The two “Koggs” are large boats named “Enighet af Elbogen” and “Tvekamp af Elbogen”. It is a great adventure to follow one of these boats when it sets sail out onto the sea and it is a very popular trip for children. Another thing worth visiting, especially for children, is the chocolate factory in Malmo. Here one can see how chocolate is made from the cacao bean to a finished chocolate bar. Of course one will feel peckish for chocolate, but that is no problem. The chocolate factory has its own café where one can buy a cup of hot chocolate and at the same time eat one of the delicious chocolates made in the factory.


If the children are not satisfied after going on one of the large Koggs or eating all the chocolate they can eat at the chocolate factory, one can always take them to the “Funhouse”. This is a heaven for children. The building is 1000 square meters large and is built to look like a jungle. Here one can climb and cling all over the place. It is a very exiting and stimulating environment for children. The parents that do not have the energy to follow the children all over the area can instead sit and rest in the pleasant café within the building.

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