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”Stockholm in my heart” sung by Lasse Berghagen can be heard from the Sing-along on Skansen, Stockholm, each Saturday during the summer. Many of us can agree that Stockholm will stay in our hearts after visiting or living in the city. There are numerous of different attractions and places to visit in Stockholm that nothing can compare to this fantastic capital. Stockholm is a big city, but somehow it never feels strenuous to be here. Even thought there are so many different restaurants and stores somehow Stockholm has a feeling of being a small town. Stockholm is very genial and pleasant and the old buildings give the city its special character.



When visiting the old town of Stockholm it is like being moved to another era. Here one stroll in small, narrow alleys between old beautiful buildings. One can almost experience life several hundred years ago.

Gothenburg and Malmo both have the pulse of a big city and here you have a big variety of different tourist attractions. In Gothenburg there is the amusement park, Liseberg, where both young and old have a good time. Breath taking roller coasters will turn you upside down and the funny house will make you laugh until your jaw is aching. To make the outing even more memorable why not take the tram to Liseberg. A must whilst visiting Goteborg is visiting the fortress of Alvsborg. A guided tour will make the experience even more interesting.

In Malmo you should not miss seeing the fabulous “koggar” boats, Twekamp af Elbogen and Enighet af Elbogen. If there is time, why not take the chance of going on one of these big boats out on the sea. A part of the harbour where these “koggar” is lying has been designed so that if feels like it is during another era. If one wish to see something more modern then “The Turning Torso” is a must. This amazing and very popular apartment building turns almost 200 meters up in the air, and by turn I mean turn!

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