Lysekil is a fantastic summer town. This little fishing town has become a real tourist centre during the light season. Lysekil is situated in the centre of beautiful county Bohuslan. This area has year after year won the title of the favourite place for children and families to spend their vacation. It is not difficult to understand why. Here is beautiful nature with wonderful cliffs and small bays where one can find a favourite place to sunbathe and swim. Here is also loads to do for the ones who want to be active on the vacation.


Lysekil has a fantastic place to visit. It is called the House of the sea and here one can see a number of different animals and fish that exist in waters around Lysekil. Here is an enormous aquarium that is called “the tunnel aquarium”. Here one can walk in a tunnel made of glass and see fish swimming around you. It is fascinating and very appreciated by children. There are sharks and other large fish. Some might find it a little scary, wondering if the glass walls will hold or break and water will flood the room. There are of course also common Swedish fish to see like haddock, cod and mackerel. Another ugly little fish one can see is in the House of the sea is the catfish, which actually looks a bit scary with its large mouth and sharp teeth. Ignoring the ugly looks this fish is very delicate to eat.

If one wants to do something else than look at fish one can go on one of the boats that go out to the sea to fish. Here one can choose what to fish, although often one has to fish what is suitable for the season. Some seasons it is suitable to catch herring and another season one can get the chance to catch a kind of shark. During the fishing trips at sea there is a big chance of seeing seals. They have their favourite cliffs where they lay and rest in the sunshine.

The Church

The church of Lysekil is a great landmark that one can see once arriving in the city both from land and from water. The church is very beautiful and it raises almost one hundred meters above the sea. The church looks enormous in the small town Lysekil. It was built in the beginning of 1900 and was made by the typical granite from the county Bohuslan. This granite was once a large source of income for the people living in Lysekil and Bohuslan. This special granite was taken from Bohuslan and sold all over Sweden. Apart from the fishing of herring this was a large industry. Today no granit is extracted in the area. Today the main income for Lysekil is tourism and each year people visit Lysekil to spend a nice holiday by the sea.

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