In Lulea the inhabitants are all very interested in all kinds of sports. Here are some teams that have had great success within Sweden. Lulea Icehockey is a well-known team for most Swedish people. This team always do well and often they reach the finals. The people in Lulea are strong supporters of the team. Today Lulea has a newly built a new icehockey arena, named “The Coop Arena”. Here many youngsters are brought up to be stars in icehockey.

Basketball is another sport that Lulea is very successful in. Here are the teams Plannja Basketball and Lulea Basketball. For many years Plannja Basketball has dominated the basketball arenas and they have won the Swedish Mastership-title many times.

The large interest in athletics has resulted in that today there is an upper secondary school of athletics. Many youngsters from all over Sweden choose to get their education in Lulea. The main subjects are, not surprisingly, icehockey and basketball. Since the athletic upper secondary school is so popular, many young people live in Lulea. It is always popular for every city to attract young people. Old people are normally happy with how things are and don’t like changes even if it is for the better. Young people on the other hand like changes and are very positive to changes in the city, especially if it results in more bars, cafés, cinemas etc. This leads to the fact that cities where a large population is young people develop continuously and new ideas and projects start all the time. This is the case for Lulea. Here are a large selection of night-clubs, restaurants and the nightlife is blooming with activities.

The old church town - "Kyrkstaden"

Lulea has understood the value of preserving the old culture. Here is an old church town very well kept. The church town is called “Gammelstads church town”. The church town was built a long time ago around a beautiful church, and here are several activities to participate in during the summer.

Church towns were very common in the northern part of Sweden a long time ago. This is because the people lived so far away from each other. The northern part of Sweden is very big with lots of wilderness that is not so easy to travel in. When people gathered in the church for a wedding, baptism or a funeral or just to participate in the church service on a Sunday, they had to travel the long journey by horse or sometimes by foot. For most people it was to far to travel back and forth to the church in one day, so they had to stay over night by the church. To make this possible small cabins were built around the churches. These cabins were private owned and they still are today.

When Lulea was planned to be built the people decided to build closer to the coast. The church town, where the people had stayed, were known as the “old town” hence the name “Gammelstads church town” (Gammelstad = Old town). Luckily this old town did not get destroyed, instead it was preserved for the world to visit. This church town in Lulea is one of the best-kept in Sweden, and it is without any doubt one of Lulea’s main tourist attractions.

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