Kiruna is so remotely situated in Sweden that you would not think that anyone would visit it. It is located in the wilderness far away from other cities. Here is no coastline to travel out onto the sea from. It is far away from the southern part of Sweden, even the people living in the northern part of Sweden think that it is very far to Kiruna. Despite all this, Kiruna is a big tourist city, maybe because of the location and the wilderness. The Sami people and their culture has put their mark on Kiruna and its surrounding areas. Here are massive wide-open spaces of untouched nature. Many people travel to Kiruna to get a chance to see or climb the largest mountain in Sweden, Kebnekaise. Apart from Kebnekaise Kiruna has one more large tourist attraction: The Ice hotel. Here are also many other fun things to do and experience. Travelling on a motor scooter is of course something that interest most tourists and a great opportunity is to go on a motor-scooter safari. Why not start in Kiruna and go all the way up to “Teriksroset” the place where Sweden, Norway and Finland met.


This small village just outside Kiruna, with only a few hundred inhabitants, has really made a large spot on the tourist map. The reason is that here is The Ice hotel. This remarkable and for tourists exotic creation started out as a small “igloo” at the end of 1900. The one or ones who got the idea of building a hotel made of ice in the middle of the wilderness in Sweden really had a flash of genius. Thousands of tourists visit The Ice hotel each year. The experience is immense and one can even sleep in a ice room without heating. Talking about a icy tourism experience. The Ice hotel is very appreciated by tourists from Europe and also by tourists from Sweden.

One more fascinating experience in The Ice hotel is to step into “The Absolute Ice bar”. This bar is of course created of ice. Here once can see how collaborations can create extraordinary inventions. In this case there is a collaboration between The Ice hotel and the Swedish alcohol brand “Absolut vodka”. It is a strike of genius and in this bar one can sit on a stool made of ice and sip on a drink made of absolut vodka, in a glass made of ice.

As if it was not enough with all this, in Jukkasjarvi one can also find the only space station in Sweden. From here lots of satellites are shoot up in space. There are even plans that to one day let tourists travel up into space with a space rocket. This will of course be the ultimate vacation trip, although not many people will be able to afford a trip like this. But one never knows, maybe in the future the prices will go down as development progress.

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