Karlstad is a wonderful city to visit in the summer. Karlstad is called ”the city of sunshine” and it is really giving the name justice. In the summer all bridges are filled with flower arrangements, it is very beautiful. Karlstad has many hours of sunshine during the year, although the nickname “the city of sunshine” does not come from this. This is a concept that originate from a young and happy little waitress working at a restaurant in Karlstad, she was called the “the sunshine of the city”. Through Karlstad flows the river Klaralven out into the lake Vanern. Here the river Klaralven breaks up into many small streams, so water is something you can see all over Karlstad. In Karlstad one has made use of these streams, and now one can take a boat instead of a bus to travel within the city. It is very nice to jump on to a bout at one part of the city and then get off at a boat stop in another part of the city.

Since Karlstad is surrounded by water there are many delightful bathing places and beaches. Here one can even go swimming in the middle of the city, and if one has access to a car one can travel to Skutberget “The Mountain Skut” just south of Karlstad. Here is a great beach of sand and there are also rocks to sunbathe on, if one prefer that. This is a very popular tourist attraction and many stay here for a longer time at the camping ground near by.

”Mariebergsskogen” = Marie mountain forest

When visiting Karlstad a visit to Mariebergsskogen is a must. A doctor gave this forest to the people of Karlstad. His name was Doctor Hook and he wanted the people to get stronger by walking around in a green area. Here are several playgrounds for the children and here one can also walk around and see all kinds of animals. The children can go in a train or with a horse and wagon around the park. Here is also a nature-room, where there is a lot of information about different animals living in the forests of Varmland. It is quite exiting at some exhibits where one can smell, see and hear the animals. If you visit Mariebergsskogen in the summer, you can go for a swim in Vanern since the park has a nice sand beach.

An extensive fire hit unfortunately Karlstad during 1800 and almost the whole city burned to the ground. This is the reason why there are not many old buildings left in the city. Although there is a small area by the river Klaralven that survived the fire and here one can see some genuine buildings at the block “Almen”.

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