Kalmar is a beautiful city that many tourists just pass on their way to the Bridge of Oland and Oland, although it is worth stopping in Kalmar to spend a few days. Here is a lot to experience and maybe the largest attraction is the castle of Kalmar. The foundation of the caste was built already in the 12th century and during the years the castle has been built on at different stages to complete the look it has today. It is a very beautiful castle and it is one of the most worth seeing castles within Sweden. It is built in a renaissance style and has been known as the “Key to Sweden”. The reason for this name is the position of the castle, close to the border to Denmark during the era when Skane and Blekinge belonged to Denmark. The castle of Kalmar has seen many fights and one very famous occasion is the so-called “Kalmar Bloodbath” when many people were decapitated. The dead human heads where put on top of poles outside of the castle of Kalmar. Today many concerts and exhibitions are arranged at the castle and it is well worth visiting.


Since Kalmar is situated by the sea, there are of course plenty of great beaches here. One of them is called the “Cat rump”. This beach is almost at the centre of Kalmar and it is not so common that cities in Sweden have beaches in the centre of the city. If one does not like the outdoors or if one visit Kalmar in the winter, then Kalmar can offer a fantastic indoor adventure bath. Here kids and grownups can go on water slides and water falls. Here is also a large wave machine making the bathing really adventurous. There is also a high climbing wall inside the adventure bath that the strong and adventurous can attempt to climb.


Just outside Kalmar is Ekudden’s city golf, This is a very nice mini golf area with 18 holes and it actually has SM (Swedish Championship) status. If one rather would like to play ordinary golf one can discover plenty of great golf courses around Kalmar. It is also very easy to travel to Oland to play golf on the island. It is quick and easy to travel by car across the Bride of Oland and the isle Oland is famous for its golf courses.

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