Jonkoping has always been a city with a lot of trade. As early as the 12th century there existed a place for trade in Jonkoping, where products for agriculture was sold. In these vivid markets cattle and grain were sold. Still today Jonkoping is a city with a very strong industry of trade. Here several large industries are represented. Here SAAB and Huskvarna have their fabrics, here are also Telia and Ikea. Another large industry is the exhibitions arranged by Elmia. In these large exhibitions news within agriculture, technique and machines are demonstrated and many people visit Elmia.

One large industry during 19th century and beginning of 20th century was the manufacturing of matchsticks. Two brothers started the business in a small apartment in Jonkoping and this was later known as a huge industry. Today the company is called Swedish Match and the industry in Jonkoping has been discontinued.

Visingso and Granna are the main tourist attractions. Granna is known by most Swedes since the town is famous for its polkagrisar, peppermint rock. What one might not think about is that Granna is a lovely town to visit with its picturesque small houses and narrow streets. Granna is a good example of how a small Swedish village should look. It is a nice outing to visit Granna if one have time whilst visiting Jonkoping. In Granna one can also catch the boat going to Visingso. This island is the largest island in Vattern and it has a history of being the place for kings. On Visingso there are many old ruins that remind us of the great old days. Here is also a very special building, the exhibition estate of Olle Krantz, the Temple house. The building is very beautiful and is basically a copy of Pallas Athernas temple Parthenon that is situated on the high Akropolis-rock in Athens. In this Temple house one will find much of the art that the great son of Visingso, Olle Krantz, created. The island is fantastic to visit and here one can go bicycling and walking and see loads of things worth seeing. The island is a large tourist attraction, but it is not crowded with people. The island is so large that it is easy to find peace and quiet here.

One man especially associated with Jonkoping and Smaland is the artist John Bauer. This great artist will forever be associated with the wonderful drawings of trolls, elves and princesses that he created for the series of books: Amongst elves and trolls, “Bland tomtar och troll”. In Jonkoping there is a walking path called the John Bauer-path. Here one walk around in the forest of Smaland and one can almost expect one of John Bauer’s elves or a troll to peek out behind a rock or a tree. John Bauer and his family died in a very sad accident when their boat capsized, John was only 36 years old.

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