Interesting points

Here we write about things that are especially interesting in Sweden. Here one sometimes can find small, but yet, very interesting places worth visiting. One example is the Big-Lake-Monster in Ostersund in Jamtland, the Northern part of Sweden. Jamtland is a bit special, and almost like a country inside Sweden. Jamtland has its own flag, president and language. Today the president of Jamtland is Evert Ljusberg.

Staying in the northern part of Sweden, Kiruna has something special to offer. Considering the basic conditions, one would think that this should not be a town at all. This is a town in the middle of the wilderness, almost as far away from Europe as you can get. Normally the youngsters of the town should move away further south, and only the old people should stay. But that is not the case. Here is a massive spirit of business and forward thinking and the town is basically blooming with life. Using the materials from the cold winter they have created a great tourist attraction. Each year, the people of Kiruna build their “Icehotel” making tourists, both from Sweden and abroad, fill the town. Here one can have a drink at the “Absolut Ice bar” and spend a night in a hotelroom made of ice, where the temperature is around 0 degrees. Very interesting!

Travelling further south one reach the city, Vaxjo, which has a very interesting tourist attraction nearby. Here is the ”Kingdom of glass”. Many tourists visit this area each year. In the “Kingdom of glass” one can visit no less than 15 workshops where glass is the main material. Here one can find the famous glassworks Kosta Boda and Orrefors and see great artist work with one of Sweden’s largest product of export.

By the westcoast, in Lysekil, there is also something interesting especially for the fish-interested. Here, early in the morning, one can go with a fishing bout out to the sea to catch mackerel and herring. If you visit Lysekil at a certain time of year, there is also a chance of capturing a special shark, in Swedish called “pigghaj”. Also an interesting fish to catch and pull up onto the boat is the pretty ugly catfish. He catfish has a special look with its large mouth and sharp teeth. Despite the ugliness this fish is very delicate. It is quite an experience going back to shore with a catch of herring, mackerel, shark, cod or catfish.

For the kids it is interesting to visit Kolmarden in Norrkoping. Here they will meet their favourites, Bamse and his friends Lille Skutt and Skalman. The kids can walk around in the “Forest of trolls” and see how Bamse and his friends are living. Also a great experience is to get a hug from Bamse or play with Lille Skutt. In Kolmarden there is also an option to travel around the zoo in a jeep, like on safari.

Boras is a very interesting city and Boras is the salesmen’s town, in Swedish called “knallarna”. Knallarna travelled around Boras and the Southern part of Sweden to sell their handmade handicraft. These men were very enterprising businessmen and the kings had their hands full trying to bring in taxes and fees on the profit that the “Knallarna” made. Knallarna got an ultimatum, to move to an already existing town or build their own, of course they build their own. This was so that all trade should come from one town only. The town these handy men built was called Boras. Now they paid tax on the merchandise in the town before setting off to sell. Today Boras has its own “Knalleland”, a huge area with anything one can thing of of bying. Of course one can find a massive selection of fabrics and clothes. Here is also home-electronics, clocks, jewellery, groceries, shoos and anything you can think of. This is the main industry in Boras, but there is more to Boras than shopping. Just next-door to Knalleland is the zoo of Boras. On its 40 hectare one can see animals stroll around in their enclosures

The Turning Torso in Malmo is probably the most interesting building in Sweden or at least just after the Icehotel. This is a building with apartments that is a little out of the ordinary, which is also the reason that it is world famous. This fantastic building turns up its whole 190 meters up in the air. Of course this is a very sought after building to live in. The building is constructed by Santiagp Calatrava and is a further development of his sculpture “Twisting Torso”.

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