Helsingborg is not the city where one only catches the ferry to Denmark. Helsingborg is a city where one should really consider staying for a weekend or a whole week. The city is very beautiful and there are plenty of tourist attractions to see.

Helsingborg is known as the “Green City”. Here are a numerous of parks and areas of country walks for exercise and recreation. The main tourist attraction must be the castle Sofiero. This castle was built on demand of King Oskar II and his wife Sofia of Nassau. The king and his wife wanted a place to spend their vacation and the humid air by the coast was thought to help the wife Sofia who was ill. The person to thank for this remarkably beautiful garden of the castle is Kind Gustav VI Adolf’s wife Margareta of Connaught. When they took over the caste it was a bit degenerated. They restored the castle and wife Margareta, who was grown up with the beautiful parks in England, started to work on constructing the garden of the castle Sofiero. Today this garden is a dazzling environment where the focus is on the rhododendron bush. These bushes are very comfortable in the climate of Helsingborg and the garden has more than three hundred kinds of rhododendron.

There are an additional two very beautiful areas of country walks in the centre of Helsingborg. These are the two forest Palsjo forest and Bruce’s forest. Palsjo forest is a nature reserve and here are many walking paths and places for barbecue. The vegetation is mainly hardwood. Here are areas with oak and beech. During the spring the whole of Palsjo is filled with wildwood windflower. This is a beautiful scene. Bruce’s forest has been given its name due to one man, by the name Sven-Ingvar Bruce, who in his will gave the city Helsingborg a large amount of money to spend on creating areas for the recreation of the inhabitants. The Bruce’s forest is 200 hectares large.

A great reason for spending the vacation in Helsingborg is all the wonderful beaches along the long coastal line. Here one can choose between soft sand beaches and beaches of solid rock. All over there are long piers out in the sea. In the centre of the city is a bathing place called “The pier of the railway men”. The reason for this name is because of the men who worked for the railway used to go for a swim during their breaks. This bathing place consists of a wooden pier. The area around “The pier of the railway men” is filled with restaurants during the summer. It is also possible to go swimming in the winter in a “cold-bathing-house” built near the pier.

For the golf interested there is no better area in Sweden then the Northeast part of Skane. Here are no less than thirty golf courses. It is not far to go from one golf course to another. Some of the golf courses are very newly built, like for example Lydinge golf course with 18 holes, that was opened 2004. Here are also golf courses where golf has been played since the 19th century. On the sand dunes of the coastline is the traditional 9-hole golf course of Helsingborg, where golf has been played during the whole of the 1900s.

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