Harnosand is a smaller town in the northern part of Sweden, even so here is the county administrative board and county governor for the county of Vasternorrland. Harnosand is an incredible beautiful town and well worth spending a few days in. The town is surrounded by water hence there are many water activities for a tourist to try.

Things worth seeing in Harnosand

Harnon is a beautiful island where one can stroll around in great nature beauty environment. Many footpaths cross the island and most start at the beach “Smitingen”. It is a good idea to mix walking with swimming in the fantastic sea during a hot summer day. The beach is very special and it gives the impression of being on a beach in the Mediterranean.

Once one think that one has done all the swimming one can take and want to experience something else, there is always the many caves on the island to visit. These caves are very exiting to visit and some of them one even have to climb a bit to reach. The climbing normally do not cause any deaths, but it is best to be careful.

Something for the person, who does not want to walk on footpaths in the nature or visit caves, is a town walking. A few times each week one can go on guided tours around Harnosand and here one will experience many interesting things – more than one can imagine. The guide will tell many interesting stories about Harnosand and show beautiful buildings. It is well-spent money to go on a guided tour around the town.

The largest open-air museum in the northern part of Sweden

In Harnosand is ”Murberget” the largest open-air museum in the northern part of Sweden. To this museum many old and beautiful buildings have been moved from the town and the surrounding areas. One example is the old town hall of Harnosand that has been moved here and restored. It is like walking around in a world from old days when walking around in the open-air museum of Murberget. So a good tip to a tourist in Harnosand is to visit Murberget.

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