Gothenburg is, like all other main cities of Sweden, a city that a lot of tourists visit each year. The city is situated very beautifully on the West Coast and the city offers many water activities to choose from. Just outside of Gothenburg one can find amazing beaches. It is also popular, if one has the opportunity, to go out on a fishing boat onto the sea. If one does not wish to go out on the sea one can walk around the harbour in the morning when all the fishing boats arrive with their catch.

One popular place worth visiting, just outside of Gothenburg, is the fortress of Alvsborg. The whole island is a large fortress and it was a very strong defence ground when Gothenburg needed protection against attacking countries in the old days. It is a fantastic fortress and the short boat trip to the island is pleasant. If one wish, there is the opportunity to eat food on the fortress and they also have the possibility of arranging festive entertainment for larger groups. The restaurant is situated within the fortress and one sit, very exotically, in the old stone rooms.

Liseberg is without no doubt the largest tourist attraction of Gothenburg. The amusement park was started in the 1920s as an attraction when Gothenburg celebrated its 300th birthday. The thought was that the construction should be taken down after the celebration, but luckily Liseberg became a permanent amusement park. Each summer thousands of people visit Liseberg to ride roller coasters and other spectacular rides. Liseberg renews itself each year and offer more and more rides. So it is no wonder tourist come back year after year to have fun.

The trams are an experience on its own, since not many cities in Sweden have kept their tram traffic. Even thought it is a very easy and environmental friendly way of travelling between all interesting parts of Gothenburg. If one buy a so-called “Gothenburg card” one can travel as much as one wishes in trams and busses within Gothenburg “for free”.

Of course there is plenty of shopping facilities and enjoyments in Gothenburg. Here one has every chance of finding a pleasant restaurant or pub to eat and drink in. Since Gothenburg is a large city, one can find restaurants serving food from all over the world. It is always a nice experience to try food from different parts of the world when being on vacation. During the summer there are many outdoor cafés and if one feels like dancing all night long there are plenty of dance places with all kinds of music around the city.

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