There are so many things to do in Gavle, it is only the matter of deciding what to do. If one is interested in drinks, one can benefit from visiting the only construction of distil whisky in Sweden. This is normally a popular day trip since one gets the chance to try different kinds of whisky. So whomever that likes whiskey should visit this factory. Many people are interested in trains, and many might even have played with railway tracks as children. In Gavle there is a large railway museum where one can walk around and look at real locomotive and trains. It is also exiting to sit in a train simulator, that exist in the museum. Here one can get a feel of how it is to travel in an old steam engine or to control a bit more modern creation like the X2000.

Gavle is most famous for the amazing story of the poor he-goat made of straw, which basically each year burns down. It has almost become a competition amongst the people in Gavle to see who will manage to keep the he-goat “alive” and who will destroy it. It can also be people from other parts of Sweden or even other parts of the world that come to try to burn down the he-goat. Many stand voluntary by the he-goat to protect and watch it during the time it is meant to stand on the square. Although most time this does not help, since the abundance of inventions how to destroy it is large. One can destroy it by burning it down, driving into it, firing a fireworks rocket into it. A few years the he-goat has survived over New Year, but only a few years. Normally the he-goat burns down and is standing only as a black and smudgy monument during Christmas and New Year.

The Furuvik park

Gavle is very famous for the fantastic park Furuvik ”Furuviksparken”. Each year many people come to see famous artist perform here. Here are also many kinds of animals where the kangaroos are the most popular. In the park there are kangaroo safaris where one can travel around amongst the kangaroos. Often one can see the small kangaroo babies looking out from the pockets on the stomach of their mothers. These are so sweet and a safari trip is a nice experience both for big and small members of the family. The park Furuvik is not only a nice place to visit in the summer. If one have the opportunity to go to Gavle in December, one can go and meet Santa Clause and his elves in the park. Here one can see all the work they do in order to get all presents ready before Christmas.

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