Fantastic facts about Sweden

Facts – a word that does not sound very stimulating, but if one talks about fantastic facts then things are getting much more interesting. Basically every Swedish city and town has one or several interesting facts to offer.

Interesting facts to note could be which famous Swedish person that was born in which town. For example the writer Henning Mankell and the great athlete Carolina Klüft are born in Boras. Gustav Froding is born in Alsters estate just outside Karlstad, he is one of the big authors from Varmland. Per-Olof Enqvist is born in Hjoggbole, outside Skelleftea. Many has seen the film based on his famous novel Pelle the conqueror.

Each year, in Gavle, a large he-goat made of straw is created. Some years this he-goat has been the largest in the world and it is documented on the Guinness book of world records. Unfortunately almost each year this he-goat has been destroyed.

The largest roller coaster made of wood in the Nordic countries can be found in Liseberg, Gothenburg. The roller coaster is named Balder, and whilst going for a ride on it one has to try to keep the stomach in place.

In the park by the beautiful castle Sofiero there are more than ten thousand kinds of Rhododendron. When all these bloom, it is like walking in a sea of flowers. One should try to visit Sofiero at this time of year when the bloom can be seen in its full glory. The castle is cituated just outside Helsingborg and is 15 hectare large. Which means that one needs to set off quite a bit of time in order to be able to see the whole park.

The very long bridge to Oland was for a long time the longest bride in Europe, but in later years other larger bridges have been built. The bridge of Oland is built of 155 span and there have been large problems with this construction. Several times during the years one has had to do extensive repairs.

In the small village Jukkasjarvi, outside Kiruna, is the only space station in Sweden. The station is named Esrange. With a little luck, one day one might be able to go with a space shuttle up into space, this is guaranteed to be the ultimate charter trip.

Turning Torso in Malmo is a building with nearly 150 apartments. What makes this building so special is that it spins out towards the sky. Turning Torso is nearly 200 meter high and one can only imagine how difficult it has been to build this block of flats.

The first large strike amongst workers in Sweden broke out in Sundsvall, 1879. This strike is called “the strike of Sundsvall”. At one point 5000 workers were striking against the big cut downs in salary for workers at the sawmills.

”Skrapan” in Vasteras is the 5th highest skyscraper in Sweden. It rises more than 80 meters up in the air. Here one can visit a bar on the 25th floor. It is very exiting to have drink so high up, watching the spectacular view. This is the highest situated cocktail bar in Sweden.

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