Boras is the city of salesmen and the whole of the county Vastergotland was during the 16th century the market place. These enterprising salesmen traveled far around to sell their merchandise. The most common goods the salesmen were selling were handicraft made of wood or of wrought iron. The salesmen, in Swedish called Knallarna, had their own language called Mansing. Through this language they could communicate with each other without other people being able to understand what they were saying. This was their secret language and it partly originated from Romany. Today many of the words from Mansing are still being used in the Swedish language and used daily. One example of such a word is “fika” = “coffee and cake time”.


Considering the background of all the salesmen in Boras it is natural that today there is a ”Knalleland” in Boras. This knalleland is an area of hundreds of shops. One might think that it is only clothes that are being sold here, since this is the largest industrial product of Boras. But that is not the case. Of course there are a number of clothes and textile stores, but here you can find everything you can think of. Some examples are groceries, shoes, washing machines and books.

The area of Knalleland is enormous and can almost be compared with the area of Boras. Here are plenty of things to do and there is a campsite next door to the Knalleland. Here one can camp for weeks and still find something new to do each day. There is more than shopping to do in knalleland.

In Knalleland there is a museum with products from the great and modern artist Andy Warhol, amongst others. Here are also tennis courts for the ones that would like to do some exercise during the vacation. If one like to activities like jumping and climbing the Adventure Park, Upzone, is a great place to check out. Here are ultimate climbing attractions for the one whom like a great adventure. Here one can climb and cling in the treetop very high up.

Boras zoo is situated just next door to Knalleland. This zoo was early a forerunner for how an animal park should be designed. The idea of animals strolling around living a natural life comes from the Boras zoo. Later on other animal parks have taken after this idea. The park is very large, 40 hectares in total, and here one can easily spend a whole day. Here are a great variety of animals, giraffes, apes and rhinoceros, to mention a few. Boras zoo is actively working on protecting animals and nature in the world. It is not only the animals within the park that they work for, they work for animals and nature throughout the world. As part of this, visitors of the park are offered to become a godfather of an animal in the zoo. The profit of this is completely going back into the work to protect animals and nature.

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