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Sweden is really a fantastic country. Other countries like Mallorca and the Canary Islands can offer sunshine and warm water, but nothing can compare with the Swedish summer. Here you find sunshine and wonderful Swedish water and to top it all up - a beautiful nature. To sail the Swedish archipelago with thousands of small islands filled with pine trees, life can not get better than that!

Years ago, spending your vacation abroad was very popular due to the fact that food and drinks in the Mediterranean countries was much cheaper than in Sweden. That is not the case today, so why spend money on expensive flights and charter trips to the southern countries. One can might as well spend the vacation at home in Sweden. It is not only the Swedes who have discovered the advantages with a vacation in Sweden. Germans, Danish, Frenchmen and Englishmen are almost invading the most popular Swedish vacation towns and beaches in the summer.


A picture from the beautiful and picturesque island, Ulvon, in Angermanland

It is time for the Swedish people to rediscover what a spectacular country Sweden is, and to start spending the vacations here! The Swedish cities have so much to offer and soon we all will discover their charm. Nowadays it is not more expensive to stay at a hotel in Sweden or to eat out, compared to other European countries. The Swedish cities have started to understand how to make tourists visit them for new experiences and active vacations. Restaurants with seating outdoors have become very popular around the country. It is quite a nice experience to sit at a table outside a cafeteria, sipping on a beer whilst watching people passing by.

What Sweden can not offer, probably no other European country can offer. Here you have sunshine, lakes and also snow and an Icehotel. Here you have culture and many things worth seeing. All cities in Sweden have its own history to share and it is always fascinating to visit the cities in Sweden, especially in the northern part of Sweden. In these parts the culture has in many ways been saved for us tourists to discover.

Many municipalities in Sweden have understood the value of keeping old customs. The cities that has kept the old customs and at the same time spent time and effort on “newthinking” has a lot to offer a tourist who wants to experience something outside the box. Sweden has the opportunity to offer so much culture and nature. One very good example of this is Kiruna. The old way of life together with the new way of thinking gives every tourist a wonderful and special experience. Here you can find the oretrack who has been transporting ore for all times from Kiruna to Narvik and Lulea. Here is also the Icehotel with its "Absolut Icebar" where Vodka is served in a glass made of ice on a bar made of ice, whilst you are sitting on a barstool made of ice. An experience you can only have in Sweden.

If one actively searches for information one can find that every Swedish city and town has much to offer and many interesting places to visit. The cities of Sweden have started to understand the value of culture and tourism and spend a lot of money and time on protecting the old and developing the new. The Swedish nature with the right of common access and the old Swedish way of living is unique to the world. Whilst keeping the old traditions the municipalities can not forget the value of the tourism. This can be one factor that helps the little village to survive. A very good example of this is shown in Ostersund, a town in the northern part of Sweden. This town has understood the value of tourism and has done a lot to put Ostersund on the “Tourist-map”. The Big-Lake-Monster and a guarantee of snow from the beginning of November has put Ostersund on the map and tourists fill up the town all year around.

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